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Log in issue

Before the update, everything was working and now you released that update, I cant even log in… Thats a pity…

Nouvelle interface top

Good, however....

Mine is signing in. I place my live ID and password but it doesnt connect and ask me to try again

Ridiculous SLOW!!!

Typical Microsoft App, slow like hell, ridiculous open/loading times, annoying ui animations!

Cant Sign in

Thought its because of my password and changed it 3 times but , all my friends got this problem too

very nice



Endlich mal angepasst

Small addition

This app is extremely good, and I love using it for even a slight speed increase in typing or sending a message while offline. But one thing that would make it even better is adding a QR scanner, so that not everyone has to buy a Kinect to scan their code. Just a small addition that would be nice, so if for some reason one of the app devs see this, please take it into consideration


Great for the complete use of the amazing XBOX ONE. You can do so much more with your XBOX ONE with this app. GET IT!!! TRUST MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


Any chance you could make it possible for us to scan our pre-paid Xbox bar codes so we have the choice of doing it through the app or entering that long code. Its 2016, I believe this should have already happened. Please and Thank you.

Great app!! Request for features

First, this app is great for anyone using Xbox. Being able to type on your phone and have it work on the Xbox saves a lot of time and hassle! Second, follow @SkorpynGaming . And as for a request, it would be nice to be able to use the Twitch chat through this app. That way I dont have to switch between apps just to check my messages and reply to Twitch comments.


The app is disconnecting by itself from Xbox One after ~10 seconds...

Messages not popping up

When I get a message on Xbox live. The app no longer notifies me there is a message.

Needs an Apple Watch app

The remote from the phone is nice, would be nice to be able to control the Xbox from my watch too.

Serves its Purpose and is Useful

No problems as of yet and has adequate functionality.

Xbox One Smartglass App

Love it! So easy to use and very handy.

New layout is disappointing

The new layout looks good and acts smooth but they took out some key features of smartglass. Bring back recent activity, clip view counter and so forth.

Wow! Awesome update!

The most recent update to the Xbox One Smartglass app was fantastic! Keep up the good work!

Cant log in

Every time I try to sign in it just says "sorry, something went wrong"

Cant sign in

Cant sign in since the new update. I rate it 5/5 because I loved it before why wouldnt I be loving it now?! But please fix the log in error

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